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August 26, 2016

LP-led CHR wants a President Leni Robredo?

This is the continuation of “Who is CHR Chair Chito Gascon? [Part 1 of 2]”.

Who is CHR Chair Chito Gascon? [Part 1 of 2]

If you have been watching the Senate hearings on extrajudicial killings, you’ve probably noticed the presence of Jose Luis Martin “Chito” Gascon, chairman of the Commission on Human Rights (CHR). With that said, there was something he said in the hearings that raised my eyebrows.

August 22, 2016

#LeilaDilemma: Ooh, Ronnie… you’re a very… very... bad boy.

Karma is a b*tch, and it bit de Lima right in the *ss.

August 16, 2016

Debunking Inquirer’s “Kill List”: Ten Illogicalities

On 07 July 2016, the Philippine Daily Inquirer published “The Kill List”, described as “an attempt to document the names and other particulars of the casualties in the Duterte administration’s war on crime”. The list is being updated twice weekly, with latest being on 15 August 2015. Since President Duterte took office on 30 June 2016, Inquirer claims that there had been 646 deaths as a result of Duterte’s war on crimes.

Inquirer argues that “The surge in the killing of suspected criminals since June 30, 2016, has been marked and unmistakable. Most of those killed were identified by the police as suspected drug dealers or pushers (“tulak”).”

August 15, 2016

Aquino, Duterte, and the “Kill List”: A Comparison of Extrajudicial Killing Statistics

Critics of the 2016 Philippine War on Drugs claim that there’s reckless bloodbath going on as the government allegedly employs (or at least, encourages) vigilantes to murder drug suspects, including innocent civilians.

But is there really a reckless bloodbath as a result of the new administration’s policies, or is the bloodbath something that the administration inherited from the Aquino Presidency?

Alam niyo kasi, nagkahalo-halo na ang paratang, nagkanda-bandwagon-bandwagon, kaya ang hirap matukoy kung alin ang alin. Tara’t linawin natin. 

August 14, 2016

Duterte’s War on Drugs anti-poor? Not necessarily

Recently, Ifugao Liberal Party (LP) Rep. Teddy Baguilat said [SunStar]:
“The rich and powerful are given deadlines to negotiate their surrender, are accommodated in the PNP White House, gets invited to coffee and are subject to an investigation… But the poor, the lowly drug pusher or the addict simply gets the bullet. It seems like the rules are different with the rich and the poor.”
This is statement is ridden with so many logical inconsistencies that I have to point them out one by one.

August 13, 2016

Ohhh... Rappler is liable for Cyber Libel?

Last April Fool's Day,  Rappler joked that they will be hiring trolls. Fast forward to August 2016, it appears that they weren't kidding.

August 11, 2016

Will Duterte cancel Pres. Marcos’ Burial at Libingan ng mga Bayani?

ThinkingPinoy is staunchly anti-Marcos and in his opinion, Marcos has no place in the heroes’ cemetery, the Libingan ng mga Bayani (LNMB). However, in “Marcos in LNMB? Leni Robredo really is a terrible lawyer”, I have explained two very important things...

August 10, 2016

Can Duterte really declare Martial Law? The faulty "insight" of Rappler's Pia Rañada-Robles

Last month, ThinkingPinoy (TP) criticized Pia Rañada-Robles’ Rappler article “Duterte's first week as president: 8 things we saw”. TP said Cosmopolitan, a fashion magazine, managed to provide more insightful content than what Rappler gave.

In response, Rappler tweeted [Screenie]:
"We'd like to point out that the post you're referring to is a Rappler blog (it is clearly indicated in the story page). Rappler blogs are analysis and insight pieces from members of the Rappler team..."
TP tweeted back [Screenie]:
"analysis and insight pieces" EXACTLY the point. It's shallow insight.
Since then, TP makes sure to disregard all "insight" pieces written by Rañada-Robles. While’s Rañada-Robles opinions not exactly incorrect, TP finds them too shallow.

Note, however, that this is not entirely her fault, so...
Note that the operative word is "pointlessly". Dahil kung may point naman...

Anyway,  Rañada-Robles struck again.

Hindi na nadala, humirit na naman si ate.

August 8, 2016

Marcos in LNMB? Leni Robredo really is a terrible lawyer

Thinkingpinoy (TP) started doubting Vice-president Leni Robredo’s grasp of law when he wrote “June 30 SOCE Extension? Leni Robredo used Obsolete Rule”. In that article, I showed that Robredo used an obsolete 2013 resolution to justify the Liberal Party’s late filing. Leni Robredo, a lawyer by profession, should have known better.

I discovered afterwards that Robredo failed the bar exam at least once [Inq], with some camps saying she flunked it three times. After that, Robredo condoned Pres. Aquino spokesman Edwin Lacierda’s #PisoparakayLeni fund raising drive [ABS], despite the fact that it squarely violates the RA 6713, or the Code of Ethics for Public Officials.
RA 6713 Sec. 7(d) reads [Gov]:
Solicitation or acceptance of gifts. — Public officials… shall not solicit or accept, directly or indirectly… anything of monetary value from any person in the course of their official duties.

So ano ba ang intellectual qualifications ni Leni para maging VP? May pagka-shunga si Ate e. Nag-tsinelas lang, tumakbo na.

Then Robredo struck again.

August 7, 2016

[Vetted List] Duterte names Mayors, Judges with Drug Links

President Rodrigo Duterte recited a list of judges, mayors, policemen, and military personnel with alleged drug links. Some of names he mentioned weren't complete, while some were mispronounced. Thus, ThinkingPinoy decided to verify the complete names of these public officials along with their respective constituencies.

August 5, 2016

MVP, Misuari, BBM, BBL, and ARMM Oil

The Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) allows the creation of an autonomous state in southwest Mindanao. The idea behind it is simple: provide the Bangsamoro people the power to change their own destiny. This is a no brainer at first glance, but a closer look at the Bangsamoro Basic Law, along with a small bit of the history of proposed revisions, reveal another story.

The 101-page original draft BBL by Rep. Belmonte et Al (House Bill 4994) is a challenge to analyze, and even with my patience at parsing documents, even I would admit that fully understanding the implications of every sentence is beyond my league. Fortunately, however, there is only one small part of the BBL that I am interested in. That is, this article focuses on Article V, Section 3 (29), to wit:
Exclusive powers are matters over which authority and jurisdiction shall pertain to the Bangsamoro Government. The Bangsamoro Government shall exercise these powers over… (29) Ancestral domain and natural resources [HB 4994].
In this article, we will discuss how this clause could be one of the primary reasons why BBL failed to pass. Specifically, we will evaluate this clause from the lens of the country’s premier oligarch: First Pacific CEO and Philex chief Manuel V. Pangilinan (MVP).

August 2, 2016

#CHExit: DFA's Perfecto Yasay says "There are many ways to skin a cat"

This is the complete statement of Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) Secretary Perfect Yasay regarding former Philippine Ambassador to the US Jose Cuisia's statement on Yasay's performance at the ASEAN ministerial meeting. ThinkingPinoy decided to republish this statement because Big Media ignored it entirely.

For Reed Bank, Sec. Del Rosario, MVP offered Spratlys to China

After a little more digging, documents show that Del Rosario and MVP have been interested in Reed Bank way before 2011, and they will do all they can – including committing treason – just to get it.
(Featured Image, L to R: First Pacific Director and PH Foreign Sec. Albert del Rosario, First Pacific Chairman Anthoni Salim, and First Pacific CEO Manny V. Pangilinan)

July 31, 2016

Sa Issue ni Albert del Rosario, may mas malala pa ba kay Karen Davila?

Basurang reporter si Karen Davila, pero mas basura pa pala lahat ng iba. Mayroong itinatago ang Philippine Media, na dapat ay ikabahala ng lahat.
NOTE: This is Tagalog translation of the ThinkingPinoy article "On Sec. Albert Del Rosario, is there anybody worse than Karen Davila?". If you want to read the English Version, please click here.
Ang mga pinakamalalaking media outlets sa Pilipinas, na tatawagin kong "Big media", ay nagsasabing isang bayani ang foreign affairs secretary ni Pres. Aquino na si Sec. Albert del Rosario, matapos nitong isulong ang arbitration case tungkol sa South China Sea dispute.

Kulang na lang ay sabihin ng Big Media na ang katagang "Bayani si del Rosario" ay hango sa bibliya, at pinaniniwala nila ang taumbayan ng ganito, sa kabila ng katotohanang hindi ito tugma sa realidad.

Lumilitaw na ang interview ni Karen Davila kay del Rosario [TP: Dear Karen], kahit walang kwenta, ay ang NAG-IISANG attempt ng Big Media na halukayin ang issue ng conflict of interest.

Mayroon bang media blackout sa issue ng conflict of interest ni del Rosario?

On Sec. Albert Del Rosario, is there anybody worse than Karen Davila?

Karen Davila is a trashy reporter, but it turns out the rest are trashier. There’s something Philippine Media deliberately ignores, and it’s a cause for national concern.
NOTE: This is the original English version of the ThinkingPinoy article "On Sec. Albert Del Rosario, is there anybody worse than Karen Davila?". If you want to read the Tatalog Translation, PLEASE CLICK HERE.
Major Philippine media outlets, which ThinkingPinoy will collectively call Big Media, have been hailing the Aquino administration’s Foreign Secretary Albert del Rosario as a patriot after he purportedly fought for our nation’s interest in the South China Sea dispute.

For some reason, big media appears to believe, and takes every effort to make the public believe, that “Albert del Rosario is a patriot” is some sort of Bible Truth, a notion that is difficult to reconcile with reality.

Karen Davila’s interview with del Rosario [TP: Dear Karen], despite being extremely problematic, appears to the ONLY attempt by Big Media to investigate the issue.

Is there a media blackout on Del Rosario's conflict of interest?

July 29, 2016

Duterte’s Drug War: Where's the Logic in 400 Deaths?

Philippines, a killing field? Here’s for the 0.2% [Star], before they foam at the mouth.

In barely a month, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s war on drugs has resulted into staggering and unprecedented 420 alleged narcotics-related killings since June 30 [Inq]. Most, if not all, of these killings are blamed upon Duterte. After all, it was he who started the fight, right?

"Shoot him and I'll give you a medal," Duterte said, according to its the wire service, the [Washington Post] reported.
(FEATURE IMAGE:  The corpse of a person executed "Encintado" Style. The reader will find out in the succeeding sections why ThinkingPinoy chose that image.)

ThinkingPinoy (TP) admits, Duterte’s words don’t help him a lot in his public relations campaign. What caught TP’s eye, however, is the phrase “according to its wire service”. That Washington Post article was based upon a news wire from the Associated Press (AP) Philippines.

In this article, TP will examine the facts surrounding these 420 deaths and put them under the microscope.

July 25, 2016

South China Sea, Philex and the Roman Catholic Church

In a 2012 interview with Karen Davila, Foreign Affairs Secretary Albert del Rosario cited two reasons why the Philippines initiated UNCLOS arbitral proceedings against China. First was because China harasses our fishermen in Scarborough Shoal. Second was because of China’s construction activities on Panatag Shoal [TP: Dear Karen].

What the two of them conveniently failed to mentioned was a key event that happened in March 2011.
On 02 March 2011 and with national government approval, Manny Pangilinan (MVP)’s Forum Energy sent seismic survey ships to Reed Bank in search of hydrocarbons. Chinese Patrol boats aggressively approached Forum Energy’s MV Voyager Veritas [Storey 2011], sending a clear message that the Chinese Government isn’t happy with what MVP is doing.
Reed Bank is part of the disputed South China Sea territory.

July 24, 2016

Dear Karen “Higher Intelligent (sic)” Davila

I am writing this article not for your sake, but for the sake of the Filipino people, because the public has the right to know. And yes, I am speaking to you as a member of the public, a public that will surely be angry and disappointed at you by the end of this article.

Okay sige tara na’t umpisahan na ‘to. Maglalaba pa ako.

July 21, 2016

Why the hell was President Arroyo acquitted?

Former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s acquittal is Daang Matuwid’s bitter pill to swallow.

I want to make it clear that in as far as “my personal feelings”, I am neutral to negative about PGMA’s acquittal. Actually, I was totally against it before I started ThinkingPinoy. After years of being constantly bombarded by anti-PGMA propaganda from major news outlets, I was made to believe that PGMA was the poster girl for 2000s-era government corruption.

Now, I will set “my personal feelings” aside and analyze the situation as objectively as I possibly can, and let’s start with a short timeline starting from PGMA’s arrest down to the day she was acquitted by the Supreme Court.