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January 11, 2017

#LeniLeaks is about Leni, “Our Lady of Naga”

Sass Rogando Sasot's first post about a leaked OVP email, followed by my article, “#OustDuterte: Inside Leni Robredo's international propaganda machinery”, is what launched the #LeniLeaks scandal. Since then, the #LeniLeaks scandal has gotten so big, it took on a life of its own.

Administration officials have issued various warnings to various oppositionists. Oppositionists have issued various denials and alibis. And as for netizens... Ugh, where do I even start?

I think that after five days of nonstop bickering, it's time to put things back into perspective. Why? Because almost everybody is talking about the wrong issue, almost everybody is attacking a strawman.

Let's get started.

January 7, 2017

#LeniLeaks : Sec. Raffy Alunan's challenge and Mainstream Media's reluctance

In yesterday's “#OustDuterte: Inside Leni Robredo's international propaganda maachinery”, Sass Rogando Sasot and I gave you a glimpse of how Vice-president Leni Robredo's well-oiled, well-funded, and hyper-influential PR machine works, thanks to billionaire Fil-Am lobbyist Loida Nicolas-Lewis and the Global Filipino Diaspora Council (GFDC), of which Nicolas-Lewis is part.

The #LeniLeaks issue quickly gained traction as it trended on the number one spot on Twitter yesterday.

January 6, 2017

#OustDuterte: Inside Leni Robredo's international propaganda machinery

Oh, Georgina! I pity you.

January 5, 2017

FACT CHECK: Mocha Uson received P300K from BBM?

Just when I thought I was done for the day with my newest article Mainstream Media's love affair with Leni Robredo, I was surprised to discover that various pages have been spreading an image that shows a cheque for Php 300,000, allegedly addressed to Mocha Uson and signed by no less than former Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos.

The photo has been shared by Liberal Party-aligned pages with Oras Na Roxas Na leading the pack.

My initial reaction was shock, not for the allegation that Mocha received bribes from BBM, but for the fact it’s hard to believe that Mocha Uson could be bought for so little.

Pero sige, patulan natin.

January 4, 2017

Mainstream Media's love affair with Leni Robredo

Vice-president Leni Robredo’s extremely conspicuous absence during and immediately after Typhoon Nina’s onslaught, along with mainstreams media’s treatment of the issue, has led me to a series of realizations that go way beyond the usual disgust for Leni’s hypocrisy.

January 2, 2017

#NasaanSiLeni: Leni meets Fil-Am pregnancy doctor before Manila flight

In my recently published article “Globetrotting Leni humiliates self with New Year message”, I explained that the Vice-president Leni Robredo’s silence after Typhoon Nina decimated the Bicol region is mind-boggling.

January 1, 2017

Globetrotting Leni humiliates self with New Year message

Vice-president Leni Robredo will need one hell of an alibi.

December 31, 2016

#OustDuterte: Will Goldberg’s Plan Work?

A few days ago, the Manila Times reported that former US Ambassador to Manila Philip Goldberg outlined a strategy to oust the democratically-elected President Rodrigo Duterte from Malacañang.

Will the 18-month ouster plan work?

December 26, 2016

#NinaPH: When Leni left us “like a thief in the night”

My friends and I have talked about Leni Robredo since the time she rose to national fame after the death in 2012 of her husband, the late Interior Secretary Jesse Robredo. For the next couple of years, she established a reputation for having a modest lifestyle. Do you still remember the time when she ditched the SONA Red Carpet and used the Batasan Pambansa backdoor entrance instead?

Yes, she's the simple and meek widow that is Leni Robredo. For years, I had a positive opinion of her. That is, until I started my blog ThinkingPinoy, until I started looking harder into what have transpired in the past several years.

December 25, 2016

A White Christmas: The Hypocrisy of Maria Leonor Gerona Robredo

Earlier this month, Robredo said she “will not allow the Vice Presidency to be stolen [Inq].”

I am not exactly sure how the Vice-presidency could be stolen from her. Surely, no one would be stupid enough to launch a risky and costly coup d’etat just to “steal” a position with no power in it. But if Leni is talking about a potential loss in the Bongbong Marcos electoral protest case, then how can it be called “stealing”?

Will a prospectively adverse Supreme Court decision on the case be tantamount to stealing? Who is Leni to decide when “stealing” happens? Does Leni want to usurp the power of the judiciary too?

But I digress.

December 23, 2016

#OustDuterte: Leila, Leni, Lourdes, Loida, LP, and Plan 0117

Let’s talk about what this new plan could be, a plan that I call “Plan Q1 2017”. In yesterday’s “#OustDuterte: Daddy D worries about a 1st Quarter Ouster Plot?”, I enumerated the five major players involved in this plot.

December 22, 2016

#OustDuterte: Daddy D worries about a 1st Quarter Ouster Plot?

My friend Mocha Uson was kind enough to make me her plus-one when she attended the Malacañang Christmas Party held yesterday, December 20th. She and the Mocha Girls were invited to perform in the event. I went there as Mocha’s friend and not as ThinkingPinoy, so I took off my TP hat and watched everything from the point of view of an innocent bystander.

Unencumbered by the need to write anything about the event, I was able to observe everything that went on.

December 20, 2016

PH Crime Rate drops significantly: PNP

"The Philippines is now safer from theft, carnapping, robbery, physical injury, and rape."

December 8, 2016

SOCEs and SALNs: Just how clueless, bookish, and lazy is PCIJ?

If there's one thing that can describe PCIJ's latest SOCE-themed article series, it would be "KABISOTE".

December 2, 2016

#MarcosBurialProtest: LSU-Ozamis School Admin unwittingly makes a fool of himself?

An LSU-Ozamis school administrator makes a fool of himself in the most dazzling manner possible.

November 26, 2016

[GOOD NEWS] FoI Launched! It's payback time: now, ANYBODY can investigate corruption

When I wrote “[TP: Oplan Lambat-Sibat: PNP admits ‘doctored’ crime stats]”, I showed how the Aquino-era police force fudges crime statistics to make it look our streets are safer, despite the contrary. In the last part of the article, I lamented, “To verify Oplan Lambat-Sibat’s ‘scientific reports’, we need raw, unadulterated data that cover months’ worth of crime reports. Perhaps, that’s something that only (Former DILG Sec.) Mar Roxas knows.”

Since god-knows-when, secrecy and inaccessibility of government information has been a source of frustration for investigative bloggers like me. So just imagine my delight when then-Camarines Sur Rep. Leni Robredo filed a powerful Freedom of Information Bill, which would afford any citizen access to government records. Unfortunately, fortitude is not one of Leni’s virtues, as she [TP: crippled her own bill to satisfy her Liberal Party overlords], led by then-President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino.

With Freedom of Information (FoI), regular citizens can request for government documents, allowing them to learn more deeply about how the government works. Unfortunately, FoI has been stuck in the legislature since time immemorial, and despite President Rodrigo Duterte’s May 2016 win, the best he can do is certify the bill as urgent, but the buck stops at the Senate and the Lower House.

But that didn’t stop the current administration to finding a way to get around it.

November 24, 2016

RH Law and Garin’s Implanon: Did DoH waste ₱200 million?

I am categorically pro-RH, but I think it’s time to re-evaluate government policy because the only way to move forward is to actually move forward.

Ha? Ano raw? I’ll explain.

It’s time to understand the current situation and see what we can do to fix it.

(FEATURE IMAGE: A woman holding the controversial contraceptive Implanon. Image courtesy of the Valenzuela City Government.)

November 21, 2016

"Frailties of Woman" Leni Robredo Version?

Earlier this month, President Rody Duterte cracked a joke about Vice-president Leni Robredo’s knees, The president said Robredo has smooth knees: it had no calluses. As expected, Robredo, her supporters, and women’s rights groups denounced the president’s comments for what they perceive as mysoginy.

Let’s call this the “Le-Knee” incident.

November 19, 2016

#MarcosNotAHero: WTF? Noynoy Aquino OK with Marcos' AFP Hero Honors

I sincerely respect the outcry of some people against Ferdinand Marcos’ Libingan ng mga Bayani (LNMB) burial, such as UP Prof. Sarah Raymundo and Dra. Lorraine Badoy: I agree with most of their points.

What I do not agree with or at the least, what I do not respect, is the stance of my Aquino-aligned friends on the burial issue, for the simple reason that their “leader” — the Aquino Political Dynasty — doesn’t give a shit about Marcos’ LNMB burial anyway.

Let me tell you why.

November 17, 2016

GOOD NEWS! After seeing viral video, DPWH to build Iligan bridge

Sec. Mark Villar, through his media officer, said DPWH to build bridge in Iligan after seeing viral video.