December 27, 2015

2 Friends on the Presidential Race and the Christmas Break

Sira ba talaga ang ulo ni Miriam Santiago?  Paano nga kaya kung manalo si Binay? Bakit ba wagas maka-push si Grace Poe? 'Yan ang napag-usapan namin ni JC ngayong Christmas break.

JC: Nagka-Acid Reflux ako nung christmas night dahil sa katakawan. Ligayang-ligaya pa naman ako sa kaka post ng Christmas Travels namin tapos dun sa last stop, hala! Bedridden ako.

TP: Kremil S lang yon di ba? Nadadale rin ng alkaline na inumin yon.

JC: No. Omeprazole, Maalox at Kremil S.

TP: Ay! Level up pala ang sikmura mo e. Kala ko e Kim Chiu lang na acid reflux. Buti na lang at di ka niresetahan ng mahal na #CheaperMeds. Chararat.

JC: Hahaha! Ibang level to. Akala ko inaatake na ko sa puso the first time dahil sa heartburn. Pramis, it's awful, para kang nag labor.

TP: Bakla ka parang alam ko ang pain ng labor.

JC: Exactly, yung mga guys na nagkaroon na ng intense acid attack, yun na yun.

TP: Kung ako e mamatay from acid reflux, if it’s any consolation, at least sosyal ang name ng sakit.

JC: I don't think it's deadly naman...

TP: Sabi nga naman ng ilusyonadang Donya Imelda doon sa 1972 assassination attempt sa kanya, "If there’s somebody who’s gotta kill me, why does it have to be a bolo? It’s so ugly. I wish they put some kind of yellow ribbon or some kind of nice thing… why such an ugly instrument?” Ironically, though, symbol ng EDSA revolution ang yellow ribbon. LOL

JC: Haha! Yeah! I love that line! Lukaret din kasi yang Imelda yan. Oh, and medyo safe place pa naman ako kay Roxas. So far, my entire clan seems to be going for Roxas + Holiday survey results.

TP: Well, from what i gather, and this is without any "karga" o between-the-lines shit… It seems that you're fine with an administration that compromises a lot. I used to be okay with that especially with my disillusionment sa gobyerno. But now, I am given the option to not be as compromising, hence our respective positions.

JC: Si Binay lang talaga nakakasuya.

TP: Well, feeling ko hindi mananalo si Binay. Para lang yang war among humans sa Middle Earth tapos biglang nadiskubre ng lahat na may Mordor pala.

Oo, yung sa Lord of the Rings.
JC: Feeling ko, polarized ang mga Pilipino. You see it as compromise, I see it as optimism. From my perspective naman, the Dutertan campaign is anger and despair driven, but you see it as refusal to compromise the greater good. Hahaha. Hence, my partiality for Duterte if Mar loses.

TP: The Dutertan campaign actually IS anger- and depair- and exasperation-driven. Consensus yan ‘teh.

JC: Ah ok... but you’re excusing such negative vibes ateh, parang everything is wrong na lang.

TP: Di ba ganun teh pag debate, ano ka ba. You use the most contrasting colors to paint the most eye-catching picture.

JC: Haha! kaya nga i prefer theater now. No matter how dark the moment, may music and dancing pa rin

TP: Gaga ka, ganito yan. The last thing I want is to compromise the greater good of the poor, so my anger and despair meter rises whenever I am forced to do just that. Ganun konek don.

JC: This may sound evil and callous, kaso, hardworking poor people seem to be more optimistic than the “tambay” poor e.

TP: Taxi drivers, SM salesladies, carinderia waitresses work hard too. Their plight hasn't changed since the 1997 Asian financial crisis, and I used that point in time simply because I can't speak about their conditions before that dahil wala pa akong isip noon at wala akong time mag-research.

JC: When we were in Tarlac, my cousin was explaining how a lot of the lives of the barrio people have improved over the last few years. There are more employment opportunities now than before so, although they're not exactly affluent, their living conditions have improved. Ah, this is just a hasty generalization, based on that little barrio in Tarlac.

TP: The irony of of Cojuangco’s Tarlac. Remember 2004. I'd rather not go there. Mahal ang Lipitor.

NOTE: Watch this kung gusto niyong malamang ang nangyari sa Hacienda Luisita Massacre noong 2004.

JC:  Oh, yeah. No solid vote for Mar there. I used to spend my childhood summers there. Lakad sa talahiban, pagbalik ng Bulacan puro kuto. LOL

TP: Ayy in fairness di ako nagkakuto ever. Swerte na rin. Kasi para kutuhin ka, kailangan magwala ka sa damuhan and all, e 2 minutes pa lang akong nasa damuhan , aatakihin na ako ng allergies. Walang time para mag boarding ang mga kuto.

JC: I know right!

TP: Makwento ko nga pala sa yo. Napakamura palang magadvertise sa FB! So nagadvertise ako, 480 budget, pumatak lang na 7 centavos per engagement, so nasa 6800 views/engagements yon. Makakuha lang ako ng 1000 shares from that, halos viral na. 
Perfect na boost.

540,000 (and rising) ang reach per week ng TP FB page  .

Noong una takang-taka ako kung bakit ang ang aggressive nila Mar Roxas at Grace Poe sa Facebook Ads. Yun pala kasi, sobrang mura at sobrang effective, komo 25 million Pinoys ang naka-facebook. Kaloka.

JC: Ohhh... I see... Di pa ba out of the picture si Grace? Alis na siya please.

TP: Oo nga e. feelingera pa rin sadly.

JC: I like her... pero sana hindi muna siya tumakbo. Si Miriam naman, I want her there in the senate. Eh pag umalis sa senate yun, sino mamamayagpag dun? Ang moron na si Tito sotto?

Yes, this Moron A.K.A. Senator Tito Sotto.

TP: Naku don't get me started kay Tito Sotto, gusto kong ipakulam 'yan.


TP: Anyway, argumentum ad misericordiam naman kasi masyado ang peg ni Grace Poe. Paawa effect masyado. Tapos ang nililimos naman ay presidency, parang gaga lang. Meanwhile, in my opinion, ineffective si Miriam sa senate. Miriam is too full of hatred and too full of herself to get things done.

JC: She's amusing.

TP: Oo naman. She really is amusing. Like when she said, "When I become president, I'll immediately hit the ground running, and hit several people in the process." But the fact remains that the job of a Senator is to create laws. She's not the consensus building type.

JC: Ay oo... parang soundbyte queen siya dun.

TP: Have you seem my facebook post dati about Senator Raul Roco and her during the Erap Impeachment Trial?

JC: Parang hindi ko nakita yun.

The Late Senator Roco, one of the best leaders we've ever had. (Image Courtesy of

TP: Wait lang. Kunin ko.
The late Conrado de Quiros transcribed this:
A young lawyer, Jasmin Banal, who had worked in a law firm that created dummy corporations for Erap, took the stand (at the 2001 Erap Impeachment Trial).
Miriam Defensor-Santiago tried to demolish her credibility by asking her why she transferred from that firm to another one that offered lower pay.
Santiago said: "So you made the unusual deviation from the usual career path, since you and I and all UP law graduates virtually pursue the same career path after graduation. Isn't that so? We try and get the highest salary we can get... But in your case, you transferred from a law office with a higher salary to a law office with a lower salary. Is that correct?"
Banal replied, "Yes."
Santiago commented, "Remarkable."
When it was Roco's turn, he had this dialogue with Banal:
Roco: "We in San Beda Law, we were taught that law is a noble profession, it is not a business. Am I right to assume that you in UP Law were taught the same thing?"
Banal: "Yes, Your Honor."
Roco: "What is written on the UP Law School, engraved in stone?"
Banal: "The business of a law school is not to teach law but to teach law in the grand manner."
Roco: "We are brothers and sisters in the profession, we should always be motivated by a sense of idealism. Is this correct?"
Banal: "Yes, Your Honor."
Roco: "So when you transfer from a higher-paying job to a lower-paying job, that is not necessarily an erroneous career decision? In fact, it could be motivated by a sense of idealism?"
Banal: "Yes, Your Honor."
Roco: "Yes. I thought that should be elicited because I was surprised to learn that the usual career path of lawyers is going from lower-paying jobs to higher-paying jobs."
After noong mapahiya ni Roco si Miriam, this happened:

Ay! BRB hatid ko lang si [NAME WITHHELD].

JC: Kaloka si Miriam ha. Go!

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