January 2, 2017

#NasaanSiLeni: Leni meets Fil-Am pregnancy doctor before Manila flight

In my recently published article “Globetrotting Leni humiliates self with New Year message”, I explained that the Vice-president Leni Robredo’s silence after Typhoon Nina decimated the Bicol region is mind-boggling.

That is, Robredo has yet to make a public appearance up to this day, or seven days after Nina hit Bicol. So far, she has used only three avenues to communicate: Social media, written statements, and VP Spokesperson Georgina Hernandez.

Let me quote a part it:
Is Leni so busy that she cannot even spare two minutes to record a message of consolation for Nina’s victims? What the hell is she so preoccupied with that a mere two minutes of talk time is too much to ask from her? Yes, it’s been seven days since Nina decimated Bicol, and Leni is still nowhere to be found.
Is she currently medically incapacitated?

Leni can’t send a personal message, let alone visit, her typhoon-ravaged hometown just because she had to attend a family reunion “planned over a year ago”?

We all know that’s bullshit, because this is not her style.

2014 Throwback: Leni and Typhoon Glenda

Let me quote a 2014 report about what Robredo did during Typhoon Glenda [PNM]:
The Bicol National Associations of America hosted by the Midwest chapter headed by Evelyn Tolledo will be held on July 25-27 at the Hilton Hotel in Rosemont, Illinois. Rep. Leni Robredo was scheduled to be the keynote speaker but cancelled her engagement because of the timing of the devastation of Typhoon Glenda.
VP Robredo, the Filipino People deserve one hell of an explanation for your absence. The problem, however, is you chose not to speak, despite your penchant for speaking too often.
There has to be something really pressing for Leni to defy common sense. There has to be.

But Leni has continually refused to provide a satisfactory explanation [TP: NY Msg] so we, the Filipino People, will try to find that explanation ourselves.

New Year’s Eve

After article came out, more information came in. I guess this is the cool part about having hundreds of thousands of followers: my followers become my eyes.

I need to be very careful in writing this article, so I asked the helped of several lawyer friends to make sure that everything on this article is above-board.

Let’s go.
On 31 December 2016, a well-placed source told me:
“Leni still in NY but is flying home Dec 31 midnight but she insists on a dinner that same night. She may miss flight kung ganyan. Maybe her dinner is with Loida. You never know.”
The Loida part is too speculative. However, I can deduce the following from this piece of intel:
  • That she will be flying back to Manila on New Year’s eve at around midnight, depending on the time zone.
  • That she will meet someone for dinner, someone so important that she might actually miss her flight.
What piqued my interest was the second part: who did she meet?

A Geriatrics Doctor

Another source provided me with the answer in the form of photos and screenshots of the New Year’s Eve dinner, shown below:
The Robredo Family dining with an unidentified man.
Seen with the Robredo family is a certain Shmuel McBlow.

One Lincoln Plaza is in the heart of New York City’s cultural district. The apartments were built to an old time luxurious standard with the most up to date amenities [Ogden Properties].

Who is Shmuel McBlow?

A quick look at his Facebook profile shows:

 As it turns out, this Shmuel McBlow is actually Samuel Maghuyop.

Hmm, Shmuel McBlow makes sense, as Shmuel is a Hebrew variant of Samuel [AHN], while McBlow is a play on the Cebuano prefix “mag-“ and “huyop” is Cebuano for “blow” [Binisaya].

Pretty witty, if you ask me. But I digress.

Who is Samuel Maghuyop?

Who is Samuel Maghuyop and why does he appear to be important, so important that Leni may miss her belated flight back to the devastated Bicol Region?

Leni can't spare a few seconds to record a message for the Bicolanos, but she had at least an hour to dine with just this man? According to [USNews]:
Dr. Samuel Maghuyop is a geriatrics doctor in Brockton, Massachusetts and is affiliated with Signature Healthcare Brockton Hospital. He received his medical degree from University of the Philippines College of Medicine and has been in practice between 11-20 years. He is one of 4 doctors at Signature Healthcare Brockton Hospital who specialize in Geriatrics.
Dr. Maghuyop is a geriatrician [Dox], or a medical doctor who is specially trained to meet the unique healthcare needs of older adults [AGS]

Dr. Maghuyop also happens to provide offer healthcare programs for pregnant/postpartum women [AoA]. The physician directory LifeScript also lists Maghuyop under "Doctors in Brockton, MA who treat or diagnose Pregnancy" [LifeScript].

Hold on one second!

This bears repeating...
VP Robredo, the Filipino People deserve one hell of an explanation for your absence. The problem, however, is you chose not to speak, despite your penchant for speaking too often. But you have continually refused to provide a satisfactory explanation so we, the Filipino People, will try to find that explanation ourselves.
Now let me state the facts:
Robredo met geriatrician Dr. Samuel Maghuyop just a few hours before her midnight flight to Manila. My sources imply that Dr. Maghuyop should be very important to Robredo, considering that she could miss her flight if she meets with him at this time.
What debt of gratitude does Leni owe to Dr. Maghuyop for her to prioritize him over Bicolandia?

Now, here is the part where I need to be very careful:

FIRST, Dr. Maghuyop is a geriatrician. Geriatrics covers menopause, as evidenced by menopause being a common topic in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society [JoAGS].

SECOND, Dr. Maghuyop also caters to pregnant women [AoA].

THIRD, Leni turned 51 on 23 April 2016 [Politiko].

FOURTH, the median age of menopause for Asian women is 45 to 55 years [KKH].

FIFTH, pregnancy is possible during perimenopause [WHRI], or the “the time when a women naturally starts having menopausal symptoms.”

I leave the rest to you, the reader.

VP Leni Robredo, this is the problem when you don’t talk, especially when the public is used to hearing you talk too often.

Georgina, good luck. [ThinkingPinoy.net] 

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