January 6, 2017

Inside Leni Robredo's international propaganda machinery

Oh, Georgina! I pity you.
NOTE: GFDC has fixed their settings several hours after this article's publication. As a workaround, I looked for that webpage in Google's Cache and saved a permanent snapshot on third party utility Archive.is. 
I did the same for all the GFDC webpages cited within this article. This way, copies of those pages will be out of the Liberal Party's reach.
Last night, my friend Sass Sasot informed me about the existence of a “restricted” Yahoo group called “Global Filipino Diaspora Council” (GFDC) [Yahoo].

The more prominent GFDC members include:
  1. Billionaire Fil-Am lobbyist Loida Nicolas-Lewis  
  2. Commission on Filipinos Overseas (CFO) Chairman Imelda “Mely” Nicolas, Loida’s sister  
  3. CFO Commissioner Jose Molano, Jr.
  4. Inquirer US Bureau columnist Ted Laguatan  
  5. ABS-CBN Europe News Bureau correspondent Atty. Gene Alcantara  
  6. Northern Europe civil society leader Filomenita Mongaya Høgsholm 
Judging from this list of very influential people, I now have a better idea why international media acts a certain way against President Duterte. Just look at the list: a billionaire financier, two bureaucrats who have access to overseas grassroots organizations, an Inquirer journalist, an ABS-CBN journalist, and a civil society leader.
Now, the chronically negative Western coverage of the Duterte Administration, along with the two Media Blitzes [TP: Mainstream; Plan 0117], suddenly make so much sense now.

For example, we all know that the 30 November 2016 anti-Marcos rally had relatively negligible attendance. A real people power requires over 200,000 people, and attendance on that day did not exceed 15,000, probably much less.

Despite the failure of the anti-burial rally, it was still reported throughout the world, and I think one of the message threads explain why.

Let's look at the 28 November 2016 [GDFC] message thread entitled “5878Re: [globalfildiaspora] dan and jojo, noted and all these groups have copies of this exchange of emails among us and them. thanks Mely Re: To Susan/other egroups, here are the email addresses of those in the US that people can contact re rallies Fwd: These are some suggested PLACARDS for the Nov 30 rally”.

Part of that thread contains the following message:
On Mon, Nov 28, 2016 at 12:19 PM, Dan Songco wrote: 
Mely, can you request the groups abroad if they can photo document their rallies and send them to you so we release them to local media? Thanks.
Who is Mely? It's CFO Chairmain Imelda Nicolas.

Another section of the same thread provides us some insight into the size of GFDC's network, as it has people in San Francisco, New York, Chicago. Add that to GDFC's reach in Mainland EU via Sweden's Filomenita Mongaya Høgsholm and Italy's Rowena Sabugo; and the UK via Gene Alcantara and Loline Reed.

Yes, if there is a well-organized, well-funded, highly-influential propaganda machinery, this is it.

But wait, there's more!

Robredo's OVP Socmed pulls the strings 

While set as “Restricted”, the group administrator seemingly forgot to make conversations private, and that is how Sass stumbled upon the group's publicly viewable message board, where CFO chairman Imelda Nicolas happens to be the most active contributor. 

I am pretty certain that no one in GFDC intended the messages to be publicly available, especially since several of these messages are damning not only for their group, but also to embattled Vice-president Leni Robredo [TP: Thief] and the Liberal Party of the Philippines.
Take, for example, the message Imelda Nicolas posted on 04 January 2017 at 06:55 AM entitled “5915 From the Social Media Group of OVP” [GFDC], which reads:

--------- Forwarded message ---------

From: Facebook

Date: Wed, 4 Jan 2017 at 12:05 AM

Subject: New message from Pete Silva

To: Imelda Nicolas

Pete Silva

Pete Silva 11:35pm Jan 3


Good morning!

Pro BBM/Duterte groups and influencers have launched simultaneous attacks on VP Leni starting 12 midnight today (Please check Maharlika, Sass, and Mr. Riyoh).

Here are some of the issues that need immediate response from our communities:

1. Late visit for the victims of Typhoon Nina + VP Leni’s “rehab is slow” statement.

-The attacks from their camp:

A. Everything she’s doing now is too late and just for a PR Spin.

B. VP Leni has no right to say the rehab is slow because she was not even there.

C. PRRD has visited way before she did.

-The Responses:

A. VP Leni has always been on top of things. The team was mobilized even before Typhoon Nina hit. She has organized and mobilized private efforts to donate for Bicol, Marinduque, Batangas, and Mindoro.

B. She does not have the mandate and financial capacity to do this, but she has made sure that efforts are consolidated and communicated the needs of the victims to the donors.

C. The dissatisfaction with VP Leni does not come from Bikolanos. It comes from troll influencers (Mocha, Sass, Thinking Pinoy) who NEVER organized or mobilized efforts to help out the typhoon victims.

C. VP Leni cannot shoulder everything. The national government (and other agencies eg DSWD) is the one who needs to step up.

D. Rehabilitation is different from relief operations. It needs building houses, electrification, and making sure that sources of livelihood pre-typhoon are working. We need to call out the national government on this, and take the offensive against their camp for having a simplistic view of the problem.

E. Compare the Duterte and the Robredo visit in Bicol. Digong just gave a speech for the “ceremonial giving of donations”. He did not go to the far flung areas to know their concerns. He never interacted with his constituents. He went there with the media only because he needs to be seen there. VP Leni, on the other hand, visited far flung areas and met with the people. She is on ground zero.

2. The BBM Camp has released several memes to have a “show of force”. Their messaging is to make their memes viral to make it appear like more people voted for BBM as the real VP.

Our attack:

-Flip the memes and show unflattering pictures with controversies of BBM and use their “the real VP” narrative. (suggestions: Cocaine addict, fake diploma, did not graduate college, Sandro is stupid – not even from Oxford which they are claiming)

-Call out BBM and ask where he was during Typhoon Nina (he was in Balesin! ITO BA ANG REAL VP???).

-Use the photos of BBM supporters during the Luneta rally and/or Duterte youth during the Marcos burial rally. The messaging should be: they’re numerous online, but they never deliver the real bodies needed when the battle is offline. They are a fake and paid army. 

We would also like to request you and your communities to coordinate with us whenever a new campaign is launched for them and/or against her. You are a very crucial ally in protecting the truth, democracy, and the real mandate of the people. Let us continue fighting the good fight.
--------- End of Message ---------

The Email's Implications

Okay, I am not a BBM supporter, but it's stupid to blame BBM for being in Balesin when the fact of the matter is that unlike VP Robredo, HE IS NOT A GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL RIGHT NOW.

But I digress.

Chairman Nicolas' email containing Pete Silva's Facebook message has several mind-boggling implications:

FIRST, that the Office of the Vice-president (OVP) actively manipulates its supporters. Here, we see that no less than the Office of the Vice-president is instructing Robredo's supporters how they would act on social media, even going as far as instructing Leni supporters to denigrate the president just to prop up the VP's problematic image.

SECOND, that the Office of the Vice-president's propaganda machine is supported by GFDC, a small group of people who wield great international influence and, by virtue of Loida's inclusion, wealth.

I can vividly remember the time when Rappler's Maria Ressa accused Duterte-aligned pages of being a part of some well-oiled PR machinery [TP: Ressa's Pride], when it appears that it actually is the other side that actually has the means to have such a thing.

THIRD, that the publicly-funded OVP is using government resources to undermine the government. Who pays for the salary of that OVP personnel who sent that message to Pete Silva.
Is it lawful to use government funds for the purpose of undermining the government? This, my friends, is a betrayal of public trust, if not a culpable violation of the Constitution. I have forwarded this email to a few high-profile lawyer-friends for examination.

Off the top of my head, however, I believe that this email may constitute Inciting to Sedition [RPC Art. 142], if not Sedition itself [RPC Art. 139], and/or a violation of the Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act [RA 3019 Sec. 3(e)]. While the Vice-president's immunity from suit is still contended, the OVP's social media personnel, which may include OVP Spokesperson Georgina Hernandez, may still be sued in a court of law. This also includes Pete Silva, and GFDC members who participated in disseminating the OVP's controversial email.

It's more than just THAT email

A deeper look at the message board showed what GFDC's “Sister Act”, Loida Nicolas-Lewis and Imelda Nicolas, have been doing the past several months.

Aside from lobbying in the United Nations against the appointment of Philippine Ambassador to the UN Teddy Boy Locsin [GFDC], Loida Nicolas-Lewis has been active in organizing protest actions calling for President Duterte's resignation.

Part of an Nicolas-Lewis' email dated 04 December 2016 states:

The only way to fight this evil Plot to unseat VP Leni is to ask Duterte to Resign.  
After all, he promised to resign in six months if he has not solved the drug epidemic in the Philippines.

He asked for an extension of another six months.

Extension Denied!!!

Join "Duterte Resign Movement"

A cursory look at the email gives me the impression that while absurd, it is still within legal bounds to issue such a statement. A closer look, however, suggests otherwise.

It's clear that Nicolas-Lewis believes that VP Robredo will certainly be unseated if Duterte does not resign, but Nicolas-Lewis is no innocent college activist who would hope against all hopes that the old man will vacate Malacanang.

Now, what would you do you're certain that your bet Leni will lose her position, Duterte refuses to resign (ergo stays in power), and you have $600 million at your disposal?

Yes, that's one of the reasons why Malacanang accused Nicolas-Lewis of hatching an ouster plot. Malacanang appears to be so certain about its existence that it sent trusted Cabinet Sec. Jess Dureza to the US to meet no less than Nicolas-Lewis herself [GMA].

Duterte refuses to resign 

I think it's clear by now that Duterte will not resign in the foreseeable future.

In response to those who are supposedly planning to oust him, Duterte said in December [CNNPH]:

“I'll give you a good fight, I'll give you a bloody nose.”
Loida is a billionaire lawyer-businesswoman. She is not stupid. Her initial attempt at calling for Duterte's resignation must have been made for acoustic effect and little else, as it appears that she is actively supporting Leni's election-related cases.

Here is part of an email from Nicolas-Lewis dated 4 December 2016 [GFDC; Scribd]:

Ely, pls call Lilly my exec asst 212-756-8958 and ask her to connect you to me.

God's blessings,


>Show message history


How do we go about supporting Leni's Legal Defense ?

Ely N.
The phone number mentioned in the email is registered under the Reginald Lewis Foundation, named after Loida's late husband [RLF].

Now, Loida is a billionaire, so what else would Leni need from Loida but... ?

And isn't it interesting that Leni Robredo visited New York City just last week, in absolute defiance to common sense [TP: White Christmas]?

Did Leni and Loida talk about something very important, so important that Leni totally forgot about those in the laylayan?

These discoveries fit perfectly to my article “#OustDuterte: Leila, Leni, Lourdes, Loida, LP and Plan 0117”.

Yes, LP is likely to have its last hurrah soon. Very soon.

Ressa, you have been looking at the wrong place... or was it deliberate?

Oh, and Daddy D, alam mo na. KThxBye! [ThinkingPinoy]

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