September 29, 2017

#CocoyGate: Senator Sotto, here's the guy you're looking for


September 15, 2017

CHR as “legal fiction” and the removal of Chito Gascon

I have read some posts questioning the legal existence of the Commission on Human Rights of the Philippines, with the argument being that there is no enabling law creating CHR. That is, while the Constitution provides for the creation of a CHR, the current CHR is created only by virtue of an executive order, which is EO 163 s. 1987.

September 5, 2017

The Impeachment Gambit: Connecting Trillanes, Bautista, Sereno, Robredo, and Marcos

After gaining lots of very useful contacts from the House of Representatives, I have discovered that the much-touted supermajority has finally started flexing its legislative muscles.

Inday, ilabas na ang chopping block!

September 3, 2017

Gordon’s Ethics Complaint: Recent discoveries suggest Trillanes is toast

Recent discoveries about dynamics inside the Senate virtually ensure Trillanes’ expulsion.

September 2, 2017

Bye-bye Trillanes? How far will Gordon’s ethics complaint go?

We are all familiar with Antonio Trillanes’ antics in the Senate. Looking back in history, I can recall that he has clashed with Senators Enrile, Sotto, Cayetano, Lacson, and Zubiri, to name a few. Trillanes got away with all of them, but it appears that he may not get away this time, when he insulted Senator Richard Gordon’s Blue Ribbon Committee, calling it a “comite de absuelto” during a 29 August 2017 senate hearing.

This case is more important that most of us think. If Trillanes is expelled, there will only be 21 active senators left, making Comelec chair Andy Bautista's prospective impeachment trial more likely to result into a conviction, as explained in "Andy Bautista exit more likely after Hontiveros kidnapping stunt".

I will not discuss anymore the “why” behind Senator Gordon’s prospective ethics complaint because I believe that the reader is already familiar with what kind of senator Trillanes is. Instead, I will attempt to explain the journey that Gordon’s complaint will take, along with the odds of it succeeding in expelling Trillanes from the Senate once and for all.

September 1, 2017