February 20, 2018

#DengGate: Sanofi, DoH turned Pinoy kids into guinea pigs? No, a lot worse than that

The Department of Health and Sanofi's collective strategy in three words: "INJECT AND FORGET".

February 7, 2018

DoH and Sanofi's Secret: Dengvaxia® may cause multiple organ failure

ThinkingPinoy was informed that he may be meeting with President Duterte really soon, and he shall tell him everything he wrote here.

Note that ThinkingPinoy is a one-man team so he does not have proofreaders. He apologizes for any typographical errors because he's already too tired to proofread the article at this time.

February 5, 2018

#DengGate: Leaked emails show Pnoy, Garin, Hartigan-Go intentionally bent rules for Sanofi

Leaked emails and other documents show how Aquino, Garin and Hartigan-Go magnificently orchestrated the approval of the untested Dengvaxia vaccine... and how they broke more than a few laws in the process.