January 9, 2019

On Kris Aquino's #PABoost, here's an Open Letter to Foreign Sec. Teddy Boy Locsin

Secretary Locsin, I can never be "fucking envious" of the things you said.

Dear Sec. Teddy Boy Locsin,

Good day.

In reaction to Kris Aquino's ongoing scandals, you told everybody through your twitter account that:
"People against Kris are just fucking envious of her wealth, her looks, her work ethic—she never stops working, her success and her pedigree. Period."

Let me correct you.

FIRST, I cannot be "fucking envious" of Kris Aquino's wealth: she got most of it through nepotism, influence peddling, and exploiting poor farmers in Tarlac.

Have you given Hacienda Luisita to China, or is it still part of the Philippines? Because if it still is, then I do not know what enviable wealth of Kris Aquino you're talking about.

SECOND, I cannot be "fucking envious" of her looks, because a large part of it comes from her wealth that she got from (see first point).

Besides, the truly wealthy will never sue anyone for just PHP 1 million. Even by your standards, that's pretty cheap.

THIRD, I cannot be "fucking envious" of her work ethic. If she really had a good work ethic, she would not have had the catastrophic falling out with her financial manager that is happening right now.

Work ethic is the set of moral principles a person uses in their job, and Kris Aquino's supposedly enviable work ethic includes blaming her own employees for her own medical condition.

Would you be ok if Pres. Rody Duterte fires you because of the chronic pain in his cheeks?

, I cannot be "fucking envious" of her success. Her continued success is from her taking advantage of personal scandals. She'll never be the Filipina Oprah Winfrey, because she has always been the Filipina Kim Kardashian West.

Besides, if she is really as successful as you would like us to think, she won't be so insecure that she even felt the need to fund political black propagandists just to protect her "queendom", whatever that means.

FIFTH, I can never be "fucking envious" of her pedigree because [1] I don't crave for dog food and [2] she comes from a family who made it a business to exploit and murder the poor.

I am very open to an extensive public discussion about Kris Aquino's pedigree, and I will start with a sub-topic on the History of Philippine Land Reform.

AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, I can never be "fucking envious" of her period. And at her ripe age of 47, it's about to go away anyway.

I understand your predilection toward defending the Aquino women, especially since you were Pres. Corazon Aquino's speechwriter and Press Secretary... but to simply dismiss as "fucking envy" the public's legitimate criticisms against Kris Aquino's funding of political black propaganda?

Sec. Locsin, please use your own wealth, looks, success, pedigree, and work ethic in coming up with a smarter and less elitist tweet.

But I guess you won't feel the need to listen to me because just like regular Filipino, I do not have wealth, looks, success, and pedigree.

But unlike you, Sec. Locsin, I wish to believe that regular Filipinos like me have loftier ideals than just wealth, looks, and pedigree.


Thinking Pinoy


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