About TP

Who is Thinking Pinoy?

ThinkingPinoy (TP) is a 30-ish-year-old Filipino citizen journalist that has recently caught a bit of attention from Filipino netizens for his personal political blog, ThinkingPinoy.

DISCLAIMER: ThinkingPinoy, its contents, and its associated social media accounts were created, published, and maintained solely by ThinkingPinoy (TP) in his personal capacity. TP is not officially affiliated with any political party. Unless otherwise specified, the opinions expressed in this ThinkingPinoy.com and its associated social media accounts are TP’s own and do not necessarily reflect the view of any particular political party.

What is ThinkingPinoy about?

ThinkingPinoy ultimately aims to help regular Filipinos make better choices in the 2016 National Elections, all without asking for anything in return. TP allows anyone to re-publish or redistribute ThinkingPinoy content. His articles are re-published by several independent Facebook groups and pages. This way, Pinoys who rely solely on Facebook’s free data service can also access his content.

How did ThinkingPinoy.com come into being?

ThinkingPinoy started this “hobby” in mid-November, when he created the infographic in RapplerX. The infographic was shared over 20,000 times across several social media platforms.

After realizing that people may actually be willing to listen to a regular Filipino about issues that they normally don’t care about, TP decided to launch his own site, ThinkingPinoy.com.

ThinkingPinoy telecommutes, that’s why he can find the time to maintain the website, and most importantly, play DotA.

What is ThinkingPinoy’s writing style?

Think of TP as your neighbor who loves talking about the news, except that he’s totally online.

ThinkingPinoy speaks his mind about the hottest national issues in a way that’s easy-to-understand for the regular Filipino, especially since they are his target audience to begin with. He writes meticulously researched articles that appeal to the regular Filipino’s common sense.

Why can he do this? Because ThinkingPinoy is a regular Filipino himself!

Believing in the superiority of substance over form, TP writes in plain English or Taglish, devoid of the usual wordiness and excessive formality of mainstream journalism. He occasionally sprinkles his articles with Filipino street slang for slight comedic effect.

But more than all that, TP thinks that people visit his website because of its honesty and its modern approach.

Unlike mainstream political commentators who are pressed to be as objective as possible, he speaks his mind with very few filters, a welcome relief from the hardline tactics common among traditional political organizations.

ThinkingPinoy.com is neither funded nor sponsored by any political entity.

TP does all the writing, web development, web design, and promotion for his website. TP also does the house cleaning, dishes, laundry and ironing without anyone’s help.

And all without earning a single cent. Libre ‘to mga kapatid. 

Yes, he’s crazily patriotic, almost a nut job.

Mahal ko lang talaga siguro ang Pilipinas. Kasalan kasi yan ni Heneral Luna, eh!

Siya sisihin niyo!

Who’s TP when he’s not TP?

ThinkingPinoy is a business writer for a Middle Eastern military contractor. Before that, he was a news reporter for a local broadsheet.

All his little successes are relatively very recent. In his early twenties, he could best be described as a “lagalag na tambay”.

ThinkingPinoy’s late teens and early 20s can best be described as a tumultuous adventure.

After more than a few life-shattering events during his college years, he went on to job-hop several Metro Manila call centers, got broke to a point where he had to live in a squatter colony, and by some stroke of fortune, ended up in Davao City.  ThinkingPinoy is a native Bulakenyo, but he believes that it was Davao City’s people that put direction in his life.

Basically, that sums up ThinkingPinoy’s “#HUGOT”.

He understands the struggles of the common tao, because he experienced it first-hand.

And now that he is in a reasonably better place, he wants to help the masa who were left behind in misery and poverty get out of the hell they’re still in.

Why? Because for ThinkingPinoy, the masa, the regular Filipinos, are his people. Nagkataon lang na marunong akong mag-English ng konti.

Asked whether he’s frightened at the idea of being assassinated for the stuff he writes, TP said:
“If I get killed because for telling my people the truth, then I will die a hero. Who wouldn’t want to die a hero?”

And one last thing:

You may also contact me through:

Facebook Page: Thinking Pinoy
Twitter: @imThinkingPinoy
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