December 3, 2015

2016 Elections: Beyond Rody Duterte's "P.I. Pope!"

Credits to Ms. Angel Abella.

Together with my friend, Mon Cualoping (also in photo is one of TV5’s correspondents, Mon Gualvez), I was there when Rody Duterte was officially proclaimed as PDP-Laban’s presidential bet. Least to say, I feel very lucky to be part of what was going to be a monumental event.

With a bit of apprehension (because I felt it was disrespectful, but what the heck), I took this photo (that one in the middle of the collage) because I knew it was going to be very symbolic and would come in handy one of these days. To me, this gesture was all too exciting.

Here is a prayer gesture you don’t see every day from a president, let alone a presidentiable, and actually mean and understand what he is doing. Being in a country, or a metro, that is heavily Catholic, this sight, I knew, was going to be refreshing, most especially to our Muslim brothers and sisters. This I saw was a gesture of understanding, of unity, of inclusivity.

In less than 24 hours, however, I didn’t know this photo was going to be useful to deliver my point across.

Duterte, I believe, is the antitheses of all things you have to do in a campaign. Being in the marketing industry, I am sure that Duterte may come off as a nightmare when it comes to PR and damage control (as what is clearly evident now). But, here’s the thing: he made it very clear and established the truths behind his character, before someone gets up on his throat and use it against him (which is happening right now, already, actually).

If he could, he could actually force himself to act holier than thou because that’s what the electorate would want to see. However, he is already way beyond that. He’s the type to cut through all the bullshit - he would not let him running supersede all the contempt he has on how inutile this government has become, even if it means he has to actually say it out loud.

I am a bit saddened that we still fall for grand rhetoric over action, and that no one seems to check and research context over a detail. If, for a minor detail like the cuss issue, you cannot find out and differentiate contexts, surely you are not ready for him to become the president of this country.

You must’ve been the type to have been blown away upon knowing the “sins” he has committed, even if it was done for our city. Most of the Davaoenos like me know why he had to do them - it was a necessary evil which weight he is willing to carry on his shoulders. For some of you, it will go way past your heads and will never try to understand, no matter how we defend it, tooth and nail.

Have you actually decided to read/listen to his whole speech? I know, it was almost 2 hours long (and we had to sit through that, cusses and all, lol), but in the most comprehensible and most humorous way possible, he was able to cover foreign policy, agriculture, reproductive health, country’s drug problem, BBL and federalism, among other really important agenda.

It was a really fun delivery, but also very insightful. I really, truly wished people got the meat of what he was saying (and cheered so much when he pointed out how Visayans and Mindanaons don’t seem to get recognition we truly deserve), but, of course, it was TL;DR, so I was expecting people to be nit-picky about what he was going to say. True enough...

In any case, if you don’t want him for the country, that is truly fine. But kindly allow me to leave the country when Binay or Mar freaking wins (because, yes, Poe has been disqualified from the race).
(This was originally posted by Ms. Angel Abella on her own facebook account. With her permission, I re-published her statement on this site. Title added by

(TP:  We have seen big media milk "the incident" for as long as they can, as much as they can, so I felt that it's time to post a view from the other side.)

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