May 5, 2016

2016 Elections: 5 Reported (and Alarming) Cases of Electoral Fraud

There’s fear of massive electoral fraud in every Philippine election: there’s nothing new about that. With social media, however, every concerned citizen with a social media account is now able to broadcast what they actually see and hear. In this article, ThinkingPinoy lists down several pieces of evidence suggesting that electoral fraud may be alive and kicking in 2016.

Removal of PCOS machine security features [ABSCBN], vote buying [CNN], “hakot” crowds [Tribune], and the use of government property for campaigning [Rappler] are already well-documented, that’s why we won’t mention them here. Instead, we will list down specific but lesser-known reports that are just as alarming.

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Anyway, let’s go.

1: Canada: Identical Ballot ID Numbers

ThinkingPinoy received a photo of three ballot envelopes that allegedly contain ballots with the same ballot identification (ID) number.

In the picture shown above, it can be seen that the three envelopes use the Ballot Envelope Numbers AES-206461, AES-206460, and AES-206459.

However, all three envelopes allegedly contain ballots sharing the same Ballot ID Number 91040038.

Ballot ID numbers are supposed to be unique. That is, no two ballots should share the same Ballot ID Number.

2: Mindanao: PCOS Testing Failures

In a Facebook post, Davao City 1st District representative Karlo Alexei Nograles reported that votes for Rody Duterte were credited to rival Mar Roxas in Lanao del Sur’s 1st District and in

During the final testing of PCOS machines in Lanao del Sur‘s 1st district, the votes for Duterte are credited to Roxas by the PCOS machine. The same has been observed in Mati City, Davao Oriental.

This is not the first report of PCOS-related issues in Mindanao. In March 2016, it was shown a mayoral candidate who received 16 votes according to the PCOS machine, actually received zero votes after a manual recount [SunStar].

3: Osaka, Japan: Non-Use of PCOS Machines

An unidentified overseas Filipino complained about the non-use of PCOS machines by the Osaka Consulate’s Bureau of Election Inspectors (BEI), preventing voters from getting their receipts.

The voice in the video can be heard saying, “Ayan ang PCOS machine, nakadisplay lang, pero hindi pinapasok ‘yung [balota]. Nilalagay sa sobre, ibibigay sa kanila, so ang ibig sabihin, wala pang makikitang resibong lalabas… Lahat ng bumoto rito, walang resibo.” (There’s the PCOS machine on display but it doesn’t process ballots. Ballots are put in an envelope handed over to them [BEI]. What does that mean? Receipts won’t be printed out…. All the voter here will not get receipts.)

4. Biliran: Electoral victories for sale

Former Biliran City Congressman Glen Chong alleged that election operators offered him an electoral victory in exchange for millions of pesos.

To learn more, please watched the embedded video shown below:

5. Hong Kong: Duterte vote goes to Roxas

A commotion ensued in an overseas voters’ precinct in Hong Kong.

Part of the conversation is as follows:
BEI: Wala pong Hocus PCOS. (There is no hocus pocus on the PCOS machines.)
Voter: Imposibleng wala! (None? That’s impossible!)
Onlooker: Ang layo ng pangalan ni Roxas sa kay Duterte no? (Roxas and Duterte are very different names, right?)
Voter: Ang kinaiinis ko kasi, ang boto ko, nasasayang sa wala. (What irks me is that my vote has been wasted)
BEI: Relax lang ate, relax. (Just relax.)

The complete video is shown below:

Be Vigilant! Guard your vote!

Will there be massive cheating on May 9?

Unfortunately, we can’t answer that until May 9 is over.

COMELEC, let it be known that every Filipino is watching your every move. (TP)

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