May 5, 2016

Make your vote count! Ganito ang Paraan ng Pagboto sa May 9

Please follow these simple reminders when casting your votes. In addition thereto:

1: SHADING: Ang bilog na dapat mo i-shade para kay MAYOR DUTERTE ay nakalagay BAGO ANG NUMERO #3 at pangalan niya (as can be seen in the sample ballot above). The same holds true for other candidates. Ergo, hingang malalim ka muna once you receive your ballot dahil baka ibang bilog ang ma shade mo sa sobrang excitement. Hehehe.

2: READ THE BALLOT CAREFULLY before shading your choice. Remember, YOU CAN ONLY VOTE ONCE. Pag na feed na yan sa VCM, touch move na yan and the BEI will not give you another ballot to cast your "proper" vote. If you inadvertently shade the wrong circle, pray to Jesus ka na lang na manalo ang totoong manok mo.

3: USE THE MARKER PROVIDED BY COMELEC. The marker actually looks like a Sharpie / Pentel pen. Ergo, hindi po yan invisible ink. Please do not make the mistake of using the butt of the pen (ie: yung end ng cover) to shade the ballot kasi wala talagang mababasa ang VCM niyan. (Nangyari na siya sa OAV voting. Sayang boto)

4: REPLACEMENT BALLOTS: You will only be given a replacement ballot IF HINDI MO KASALANAN NA AYAW TANGGAPIN NI VCM ANG BALLOT MO AFTER 4 TRIES. So please, if ayaw matanggap ng VCM ang ballot mo sa first try, DO NOT FREAK OUT AGAD. May 3 chances ka pa;

5: NO PHOTOS: Do NOT take selfies with your ballot or your receipt. That feature was initially removed to prevent vote buying. So please do not help aggravate the problem. Sunod na lang please sa batas. (Di ba nga, be the chance you want to see in the world?);

6: RETURN ITEMS: Wag niyo po iuwi ang ballot secrecy folder and the pen. Hindi po iyan souvenir. Hehehehe. AND...

7: NO CAMPAIGNING: DO NOT WEAR campaign shirts and ballers come election day. BAWAL na po mangampanya and the BEI can tell you to go home and change your shirt before you can vote. Wag ganun mga ate and kuya. Nakakapagod kaya pumila. Baka tamarin pa kayo bumalik niyan to vote.

Kapag namali ka ng binilugan, si Mar Roxas ang maiboboto mo. Ayaw mo non, di ba?
8. FIND YOUR PRECINCT: Kung kaka-rehistro mo pa lang at hindi mo pa alam kung saan ka boboto, gamitin ang GMA PRECINCT FINDER by clicking here. Kopya iyan ng precinct finder tool ng COMELEC.

Let's all do our part to ensure a clean, honest and orderly election. And to my lawyer friends who work in the COMELEC (these people are some of the most honest and transparent persons ever), please help us, help you in your mandate to provide a clean, honest and credible elections.

Go! Share this post to your friends because voter education is crucial.

(TP re-published this post from a lawyer friend's facebook status.)

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