September 11, 2016

After Sass Rogando Sasot, ThinkingPinoy gets blocked on Facebook

I made it! (Yehey!)

The Facebook block will be until 5:30 PM Wednesday 14 September 2016.

Reason for the block: I posted the Umagang Kay Ganda video clip where ABS-CBN news filmed a street fight from start to finish. On that same post, I asked ABS-CBN why their news crew apparently neglected to help the stab victim and allowed him to die on the pavement.

For the meantime, I am brewing something. See you guys on Wednesday! [ThinkingPinoy]

UPDATE: ABS-CBN, in fact, owned the copyright on that video clip. What's bothersome, however, is their seemingly unapologetic stance on thousands (if not hundreds of thousands) of ethics complaints arising from that video clip. All they did was a to take that video down, but the fact remains that they have already aired it on free TV so it has been presumably seen by millions of Filipinos.



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