December 31, 2016

#OustDuterte: Will Goldberg’s Plan Work?

A few days ago, the Manila Times reported that former US Ambassador to Manila Philip Goldberg outlined a strategy to oust the democratically-elected President Rodrigo Duterte from MalacaƱang.

Will the 18-month ouster plan work?

December 26, 2016

#NinaPH: When Leni left us “like a thief in the night”

My friends and I have talked about Leni Robredo since the time she rose to national fame after the death in 2012 of her husband, the late Interior Secretary Jesse Robredo. For the next couple of years, she established a reputation for having a modest lifestyle. Do you still remember the time when she ditched the SONA Red Carpet and used the Batasan Pambansa backdoor entrance instead?

Yes, she's the simple and meek widow that is Leni Robredo. For years, I had a positive opinion of her. That is, until I started my blog ThinkingPinoy, until I started looking harder into what have transpired in the past several years.

December 25, 2016

A White Christmas: The Hypocrisy of Maria Leonor Gerona Robredo

Earlier this month, Robredo said she “will not allow the Vice Presidency to be stolen [Inq].”

I am not exactly sure how the Vice-presidency could be stolen from her. Surely, no one would be stupid enough to launch a risky and costly coup d’etat just to “steal” a position with no power in it. But if Leni is talking about a potential loss in the Bongbong Marcos electoral protest case, then how can it be called “stealing”?

Will a prospectively adverse Supreme Court decision on the case be tantamount to stealing? Who is Leni to decide when “stealing” happens? Does Leni want to usurp the power of the judiciary too?

But I digress.

December 23, 2016

#OustDuterte: Leila, Leni, Lourdes, Loida, LP, and Plan 0117

Let’s talk about what this new plan could be, a plan that I call “Plan Q1 2017”. In yesterday’s “#OustDuterte: Daddy D worries about a 1st Quarter Ouster Plot?”, I enumerated the five major players involved in this plot.

December 22, 2016

#OustDuterte: Daddy D worries about a 1st Quarter Ouster Plot?

My friend Mocha Uson was kind enough to make me her plus-one when she attended the MalacaƱang Christmas Party held yesterday, December 20th. She and the Mocha Girls were invited to perform in the event. I went there as Mocha’s friend and not as ThinkingPinoy, so I took off my TP hat and watched everything from the point of view of an innocent bystander.

Unencumbered by the need to write anything about the event, I was able to observe everything that went on.

December 20, 2016

PH Crime Rate drops significantly: PNP

"The Philippines is now safer from theft, carnapping, robbery, physical injury, and rape."

December 8, 2016

SOCEs and SALNs: Just how clueless, bookish, and lazy is PCIJ?

If there's one thing that can describe PCIJ's latest SOCE-themed article series, it would be "KABISOTE".

December 2, 2016

#MarcosBurialProtest: LSU-Ozamis School Admin unwittingly makes a fool of himself?

An LSU-Ozamis school administrator makes a fool of himself in the most dazzling manner possible.