December 25, 2016

A White Christmas: The Hypocrisy of Maria Leonor Gerona Robredo

Earlier this month, Robredo said she “will not allow the Vice Presidency to be stolen [Inq].”

I am not exactly sure how the Vice-presidency could be stolen from her. Surely, no one would be stupid enough to launch a risky and costly coup d’etat just to “steal” a position with no power in it. But if Leni is talking about a potential loss in the Bongbong Marcos electoral protest case, then how can it be called “stealing”?

Will a prospectively adverse Supreme Court decision on the case be tantamount to stealing? Who is Leni to decide when “stealing” happens? Does Leni want to usurp the power of the judiciary too?

But I digress.

The word “stealing” is used with things that hold value, so Leni finds value in her position as VP. If being a vice-president is so valuable to her, why can’t she be a vice-president when it matters the most? Is Leni VP just for the bragging rights? Did she become VP just for the sake of having the position?

Because apparently, she is not too keen with the responsibilities associated with the position.

Leni and Typhoon Nina

The Bicol Region braces for the arrival of Super Typhoon Nina tonight. With winds of up to 135 knots (250 kph) [Navy], Nina's is, in some respects, comparable to Typhoon Yolanda, which had winds of up to 125 knots (230 kph) [Tokyo]. Yes, Nina can potentially annihilate entire cities, similar to how Yolanda erased the cities of Guiuan and Tacloban in 2013.
In preparation, the government has evacuated hundreds of thousands of Bicolanos to safer areas. The National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC) is on heightened alert, while Social Welfare Sec. Judy Taguiwalo has activated response clusters to ensure close coordination and quick mobilization of assistance for communities likely to be affected by the typhoon [Star].

Yes, even on Christmas Day, the government is at work: no vacations, no days off, no R&R.

With the exception of Vice-president Leni Robredo.

Leni’s US getaway

Yesterday, two independent sources informed me that Leni Robredo recently entered the United States via New York City and is said to be planning to stay in the said country until New Year's Day. She also visited New Jersey and is currently "with family" in Pennsylvania [FB].

It's bad enough that her attack dogs Sen. Leila de Lima and Sen. Antonio Trillanes showed an appalling lack of delicadeza [MT, MT].
But for her to visit New York City, the same city where billionaire Fil-Am lobbyist Loida Nicolas-Lewis is based... That just screams "Scheming bitch!" for me [TP: Plan 0117].

Is orchestrating a power grab more important for Leni than actually helping those in the "laylayan"?

Millions of poor, innocent Filipino lives are at risk, while the country’s vice-president is too busy enjoying a White Christmas.

In defense, one of Robredo’s most ardent supporters argued that Leni went on a Christmas vacation in the United States because spending the holidays in Naga City brings back too many painful memories of the late Jesse Robredo.

That’s bullshit.

Leni’s Feelings

The "feelings alibi" won't fly.

First, Jesse died four years ago and Leni has already found a replacement in Congressman Bolet Banal [TP: Leni’s Frailties]. Besides, the entire Robredo family even spent Christmas Eve 2014 at Jesse’s grave. Just look at the screencap shown below.
Christmas Eve 2014

Second, are the personal feelings of an alleged vice-president more important than her mandate to serve the people or as the Liberal Party Youth puts it, her mandate to be the “mother” of this god-forsaken nation [KALIPI]?

After the storm has passed and thousands of homes have been destroyed, can she realistically tell Bicolanos, “Sorry, I had to attend first to my feelings before I can attend to you.”, or worse, "Sorry I can't be your leader today because I'm too heartbroken."?

Third and most importantly, why the United States? There’s Pili, Daet, Legazpi, Sorsogon, Virac, Tabaco… the list of cheaper (and wiser) alternatives goes on and on.

Leni' #Opulent Getaway

In her 2015 SALN, Leni declared a net worth of Php 8 million, with cash assets amounting to Php 10.3 million [Malaya]. Assuming a modest Php 1 million to cover her week-long family trip, does it mean that she is willing to throw away 12% of her net worth in the span of a week?

That doesn't sound very #Tsinelas to me.

Either Leni has terrible financial planning skills, or her trip was financed by someone else.

I know Leni isn't the sharpest tool in the shed: she flunked the Bar Exams [Inq], and she even showed her ignorance of the law [TP: SOCE], but I am inclined to believe that she cannot be that financially imbecilic, i.e. she probably got some financial help from someone else.

But if she indeed received travel perks, wouldn't that fall under the same category as PNP Chief Bato dela Rosa's Las Vegas issue [Inq]?

After January 1st, will Conchita be as busy as she was when Bato arrived from Vegas, or will Conchita play dead, like what she did on the de Lima drug case [Inq]?

Leni’s Tsinelas

Like what I said yesterday, I personally wouldn't have cared where she spends her holidays. But last time I checked, she's all for modesty of public servants, hence her #TsinelasLeadership PR stunt.

Leni in her #Tsinelas
Leni’s trademark #Tsinelas centers on modesty of public officials. How can she reconcile that with a Tri-state White Christmas in the US, while millions of those in the “laylayan” are at risk of death?

The hypocrisy is strong on this one. We were given an early reminder of that reality when a grenade exploded during a Christmas Eve mass in Midsayap, North Cotabato, hurting 13 [Star].

Duterte immediately visited the blast victims the following morning [ABS], offering financial assistance and lightening up their mood by cracking jokes. Duterte’s visit will not magically heal the wounded, but it will sure give hope not only to them, but also to the rest of the country who are in desperate need of it.

And where’s Leni? Too busy having a vacation on the other side of the planet.

Yes, I admit that the Office of the Vice-president has no real powers, except the power to replace Duterte if or when he dies, resigns, or is removed. However, isn’t it incumbent upon the vice-president to at least serve her ceremonial duties to the fullest?

If the only thing the VP can do is lift people’s spirits up, then why don’t she do it when it really counts?

No can’t do: Leni’s on vacay.

I don't know if it's just me, but if I fear losing something valuable, I will fight tooth and nail to show everyone I deserve it.

Leni, however, has better ideas on how to go about it. [ThinkingPinoy]

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