May 19, 2017

Ill-gotten wealth? Analyzing Rappler’s “Rodrigo Duterte's 386 P. Guevarra Property”

Duterte's Alleged San Juan Property (Courtesy: Rappler)

[UPDATED 19 May 2017] Rappler's 19 May 2017 article "How Duterte's wealth in 1st 6 months compares with Aquino's" is basically a one-thousand-word essay accusing President Rodrigo Duterte of amassing ill-gotten wealth while Rappler conveniently ignores publicly available facts.

In that article, Ressa's minion Michael Bueza, the same guy who murdered PNP's crime stats, said compared changes in Duterte's SALN to that of Aquino.

Aside from the really, really bad math, I cannot for the life of me understand why such an analysis is even relevant when Duterte himself said recently that the P3-million jump in his net worth is from amount ABS-CBN owes him after the latter did not air his campaign ads [GMA].

But what's most striking in the entire tinapa-wrapper of an article is the mention of a certain alleged Duterte-owned San Juan property, which Rappler has extensively, though amateurishly, discussed in the May 2016 article "Rodrigo Duterte's 386 P. Guevarra Property"

Let me quote that part of May 19 article:
Curiously, not declared in all of his SALNs was a property in 386 P. Guevara Street in San Juan City. Duterte reportedly bought the said townhouse for his son Sebastian in 2001, when the President was then Davao City congressman.
You see, I have already definitively debunked this theory last year, and let me show you what I wrote back then .

Geez, Rapplerettes never learn.

May 2, 2017

Gina Lopez awarded P9-B to USec Camara?

Earlier today, Manila Standard (MS) published “Lopez scored for charcoal making plan”. Let's fact-check it.