July 9, 2018

Photos show Robredo revisor chillaxes with SC PET employees in Pansol Resort

Highly-placed sources provided photos and information showing Robredo’s revisor for the vice-presidential electoral protest went with at least twenty other Supreme Court-Presidential Electoral Tribunal (PET) employees for an outing in a Laguna resort last month.

UPDATE 1 (12:42 PM. 09 Jul 2018): The writer just found out that in line with this development, the Marcos camp filed a "MANIFESTATION OF GRAVE CONCERN with EXTREMELY URGENT MOTION TO INVESTIGATE" this morning at the Supreme Court [GMANews].

PET revisors are Supreme Court employees tasked with verifying the contents of the ballot boxes involved in the recount in line with the VP electoral protest lodged by former Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos against Vice-president Leni Robredo.

Marcos and Robredo are allowed to appoint their own revisors to oversee the recount.
Screenshots from a Facebook post of a certain “Che Che”, who the source identified as PET Head Revisor Maria Katrin Rosales, showed at least 21 different individuals who were identified by the source as PET employees plus Robredo’s personal revisor in an outing in a resort in Pansol, Laguna.

The source said the outing took place on 22 June 2018.

(NOTE: The source said Rosales' posts were already deleted, but only after they have already been screen-capped by third parties including the source.)

PET Head Revisor Maria Katrin Rosales' Facebook Profile Page

One of Rosales' posts showing PET personnel with Robredo Revisor

One of Rosales' posts showing PET personnel with Robredo Revisor

It is illegal for PET employees to socialize and make friends with any party to a pending PET case.

Second source named names

Rosales uploaded a large number pictures and another highly-placed source, who also independently managed to download copies of the photos, managed to identify the persons in the said photos:

The second source identified the following as participants in the outing, based on the Facebook photos posted by PET Head Revisor Rosales:

  1. Osmundo Abuyuan - Leni's Revisor
  2. Hazel Magsipoc - PET Head Revisor
  3. Mohammad Disomangcop - PET Head Revisor
  4. Christine Enriquez - PET Head Revisor
  5. Jennifer Pablo - PET Head Revisor
  6. Julius Tumalad -  Alternate Head Revisor
  7. Noriesel Lalamunan - PET Head Revisor
  8. Irene Canada - PET Head Revisor
  9. Princess Bonetivo - PET Head Revisor
  10. Hannah Medrano - PET Head Revisor
  11. Maria Katron Rosales - PET Head Revisor
  12. Ellaine Francisco - PET Appraiser
  13. Keno Moraleda - Head PET Custodian
  14. Martin Santos - PET Custodian
  15. Edward Roque - PET Custodian
  16. Bryan Puntero - PET Custodian
  17. Elijah Mikaelson - PET Custodian
  18. Rogene Agudelo - PET Custodian
  19. Mel Darien Buensalido - PET Custodian
  20. Reycard Castro - PET Chief Tabulator
  21. Michaer Rebosura - PET Head Revisor

Third source identifies the resort

A third highly-placed source who was given access to resort records said the outing took place at a place named "3J's Resort" in Pansol Heights Subdivision, Pansol, Calamba, Laguna. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: The source said the resort and its owners had no idea about the working relationship of the abovementioned guests so ThinkingPinoy hopes that the reader will bear no ill will against the establishment, its employees, or its owners. Actually, ThinkingPinoy may actually book that place for a family outing in the future.

The source provided a photo of the resort's calendar:

The photo shows a certain "Mel Darien" booked the property from 7:00 pm Friday, 22 June 2018, to 5:00 PM Saturday, 23 June 2018, i.e. an overnight stay.
The source identified this Mel Darien as PET Ballot Box Custodian Mel Darien Buensalido.

Based on this data, the seemingly inappropriate and quite lengthy outing indeed transpired in Pansol, Laguna.

Why does this matter?

The Code of Conduct for Court Personnel [A.M. No. 03-06-13-SC] prohibits "any act of impropriety that immeasurably affects... the people’s confidence in [the Judiciary]". Per Burgos v. Aquino [A.M. No. P-94-1081], this must include the behavior of court personnel as private individuals.

Clearly visible in almost all of the photos was Osmundo “Ritchie” Abuyuan, one of the revisors of Leni Robredo. Surely, a Robredo revisor being too chummy with PET employees in an out-of-town escapade erodes that confidence. 

After all, how can we trust PET personnel to be fair in recounting the ballots when they're too friendly with one of the parties?

Here's a fair and honest question: 
Is this seemingly overly close relationship between PET personnel and the Robredo Camp the reason why the PET revisors are TAKING SO DAMN LONG to count just one province? [ThinkingPinoy] 


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