January 15, 2019

What DFA data breach? A 2nd open letter to the incompetent and egotistic Twitter Boy Locsin

Teddy Boy, how does it feel to swallow your own vomit?

Days ago, DFA Sec. Teddy Boy Locsin said there was a data breach in DFA's passporting system after passport printer Oberthur supposedly ran away with the personal information of Filipino passport holders. To further exacerbate the situation, Locsin also said we can't really go after Oberthur because it was pretty much the government's fault why it happened.

A nationwide stir ensued, especially since it seemed that the government learned nothing from the 2016 COMELEC data leak, where hackers released the nation's entire voter database for anyone to see.

After the public found out that Oberthur's contract ended in 2015, i.e. under the Noynoy AquinoAdministration, Locsin was quick to exonerate then Foreign Sec. Albert del Rosario and pinned the blame on Duterte's former Foreign Secretary Alan Peter Cayetano.

Locsin, in an eerily Yellow Fashion, was so quick at blaming people even if he didn't even understand what exactly happened. He, at the time, didn't even understand what exactly he's blaming people for.


Clarifications from other government officials who are more familiar with the passport issue showed that there was NO DATA LEAK. Old passport data was simply stored in obsolete hardware, making it unreadable by DFA's new passport printer APO Production Unit, Inc., which uses more modern equipment.

Social Media lambasted Locsin for his utterly irresponsible and ill-informed tweets. Locsin, instead of listening to valid criticism, even went as far as accusing Rody Duterte supporters of being of a "social media campaign" that "crosses partisan lines".

Locsin eventually admitted that there was no leak. But instead of totally owning up to the consequences of his verbal diarrhea, he alleged a supposed coverup of the passport mess, without specifying which parties are involved in the coverup. This led many to believe that even Duterte's own men may have something to do with it.

But it isn't the case either. It's simply an issue of a former contractor who doesn't want to spend more money to make it easier for the replacement contractor to do its job.

There was no data leak. Instead, it's just an issue of an asshole being an asshole to assholes. 


Not yet content of his already schizophrenic version of the passport problem, Locsin also said that the old contractor made the data "inaccessible", which is also incorrect. Again, new technology can't read the Oberthur's old technology. The problem is not sabotage, but simply obsoletion.

But that more accurate version of the story wouldn't be dramatic enough for Locsin, I guess.

Here's the thing, Sec. Locsin:
Spend less time trying to be a Twitter superstar (which you aren't) defending Kris Aquino and more time actually doing your job... and that job includes FULLY KNOWING issues within your department BEFORE YOU START RUNNING YOUR MOUTH.
Had you done that from the onset, you would not have had to weave fake news upon fake news in your desperate attempt at avoiding humiliation.

Is this what Pres. Duterte appointed you for? 

I actually encourage top level government officials to talk about what's going on in their respective agencies, but that is with the understanding that they actually know what they are talking about.

Unfortunately, you DO NOT KNOW what you're talking about. And when it came it a point where you had to fact check your own messed up story, you again ordered your Little Secretary to do your own work.


Your recent order removing birth certificates as a requirement for e-passport renewals? That's useless because BC's have ceased to become a requirement for such renewals no later than in 2014.

That's just like taking credit for passing a law that already exists in the first place.

Sec. Locsin, you can even claim all day that we are just "fucking envious" of your own success, work ethic, looks, pedigree and wealth, but I surely will never be envious of your bloated ego that's getting in the way of Public Interest.

Remember that I support Duterte, but supporting Duterte does not mean supporting someone as incompetent and as egotistic as you.

You have always given us the impression that you are so convinced that you are so much better than most of us... AND I BELIEVE IT'S NOW THE RIGHT TIME FOR YOU TO LOOK THE PART.


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