May 3, 2019

Hey NBI, here’s a new lead for your Bikoy Video investigation

Hey NBI guys, I heard you're looking for other people, so let me humbly give you a few leads that you may have overlooked.
Note to Mr. Rodel Jayme: for your own sake, better spill the beans ASAP so you can still become a state witness.  Your would-be testimony may become unnecessary very soon.

Other websites of interest

According to a Philippine Star article, you noted in the complaint that the libelous and seditious “Ang Totoong Narcolist” video was posted by different social media sites, 'having the front runners to wit:'
  • Pinoy Ako Blog
  • Change Scamming
  • Metro Balita
  • Madam Claudia
  • What the FACT blog
Furthermore, you guys said, "Continuous efforts were conducted to uncover personalities behind these accounts. Recently, crucial information on METRO BALITA were gathered. Hence, emphasis and focus were made.”

From what I understand, you dealt with Metro Balita first because information about it was already on your hands, which suggests that you are still digging for information about the others.

A little housekeeping

Because I am a law-abiding citizen who wants to help the government enforce the law, let me give you guys a few leads in case you need them… but let’s deal with the preliminary stuff first.

First, I have no data so far about What the Fact blog so I cannot help you with that yet. Give me a little more time for that.

Second, you already know who's behind MetroBalita: Rodel Jayme, the guy you arrested recently.

Third, two of Pinoy Ako Blog's owners/operators are already known (Jover Laurio and Cocoy Dayao). There are at least two others, but Laurio and Dayao are already a good start.

Fourth, Madam Claudia used to run Google Ads under the AdSense Publisher ID ca-pub-8283971809912134. In my 29 Sept 2017 #CocoyGate article "#CocoyGate: Senator Sotto, here's the guy you're looking for", I was able to connect the dots and show that it's very likely owned by Cocoy Dayao.

If you want to know how I traced these, see the following video:

So you have three names so far: Rodel Jayme, Cocoy Dayao, and Jover Laurio.

Now that we’re done with housekeeping, let’s get to the more interesting part.

Who is behind Change Scamming?

As was shown in the 29 September 2017 ThinkingPinoy article “#CocoyGate: Senator Sotto, here's the guy you're looking for”, Change Scamming used to run Google Ads under the AdSense Publisher ID ca-pub-8283971809912134 (Check the #CocoyGate article in the previous paragraph).

From that same article, I also discovered, using a reverse Google AdSense Lookup, that ads linked to AdSense Publisher ID ca-pub-8283971809912134 were served not only in ChangeScamming’s website, but also in at least ten other websites, namely:
Check the following video if you want to know how I did that:

As far as I know, a person can register under his name one AdSense account at the maximum, so Cocoy couldn't possibly own AdSense Publisher ID ca-pub-1068157602481996 if already owns ca-pub-8283971809912134.

Moreover, Cocoy has already admitted in the past that he owns, which already served under Google AdSense Publisher ID ca-pub-8283971809912134. That is, Cocoy must own the account with that number, so that somebody else must own the account with Google AdSense Publisher ID ca-pub-1068157602481996.

And that's what this article is about.

Domain Privacy Protection 101

While researching for that 2017 article, I checked the domain registration details of each of these 10 websites, only to discover that they all use a domain privacy protection service. Hence, I hit nothing but dead ends.

The said service is identical to the one I used for so that I can avoid spam calls and emails if my contact details are out in the open for everyone to see. 

Here, look at the WhoIs Information of with active Domain Privacy Protection:

As you can see, the registration details are those of my Domain Privacy Protection Service provider, instead of my own contact information.

Yes, domain privacy protection services mask the real name and contact information of website owners, but they are paid services that need to be renewed as soon as or preferably even before they expire, as neglecting to do so would reveal the true details of the website’s owner.

On 03 May 2019, or two years after writing the article mentioned above, I re-checked if any of the domain privacy protection services of the ten websites linked to Change Scamming have expired.

And as it turns out, one of them did.

Expired Domain Privacy:

Domain Privacy Services for the first nine websites (from down to SocialPatrol.Ph) have always been active. However, the one for lapsed, at least for a period long enough to reveal the site’s true owner.

Suffice it to say, I checked for the WhoIs history of using the third-party online utility Here's what I did:

According to its WhoIs History, was first registered – with domain privacy protection – on 08 August 2017. Domain privacy protection was in effect for an entire year, until it lapsed on 19 September 2018.

On that exact day,’s domain registration showed not the placeholder information typical of websites with domain privacy, but the actual name and contact details of the real person who owns the said website.

Let me quote part of the WhoIs record of, according to DomainTools:
Domain name:
Domain name:
Registrant Name: Sidney Zosa
Registrant Street: 1409 AIC Gold Tower, Ortigas Center
Registrant City: Pasig City
Registrant Phone: +63.9151350194
Registrant Email:
Admin Name: Sidney Zosa
Admin Street: 1409 AIC Gold Tower, Ortigas Center
Admin City: Pasig City
Admin Phone: +63.9151350194
Admin Email:
Tech Name: Sidney Zosa
Tech Organization:
Tech Street: 1409 AIC Gold Tower, Ortigas Center
Tech Phone: +63.9151350194
Tech Email:

What should be done to Sidney Zosa?

According to the website’s WhoIs History as reported by DomainTools, a certain Sidney Zosa owns, administers, and maintains, a website that earned money by serving online advertisements under Google AdSense Publisher ID ca-pub-1068157602481996.

Recall that Change Scamming, the website you’re investigating, also served online advertisements using the same Google AdSense Publisher ID.

Now, here’s an important (rhetorical) question:
If I were a website owner, would I let my site’s ad earnings go to somebody else?
Sidney Zosa owns, so that money earned via Google AdSense Publisher ID ca-pub-1068157602481996 should go to him, unless he is just an employee or associate of someone higher up the food chain.

Google AdSense Terms of Service corroborate this observation, and agreement to these terms is a prerequisite for owning an AdSense account.

More specifically, part of the Philippine version of the Google AdSense Terms of Service states [AdSense]:
“13. Mga Pagkakatawan; Mga Warantiya; Mga Pagtatanggi 
Kinakatawan mo at ginagarantiya na… (ii) ikaw ang may-ari ng, o legal na may pahintulot na kumilos sa ngalan ng may-ari ng ng bawat Ari-arian; (iii) ikaw ang teknikal at pang-editoryal na nagpapasya kaugnay ng bawat Ari-arian kung saan ang Mga Serbisyo ay ipinatupad at mayroon kang kontrol sa paraan ng pagpapatupad ng Mga Serbisyo sa bawat Ari-Arian…”
Translating this to English…
“13. Representations; Warranties; Disclaimers 
You represent and warrant that… (ii) you are the owner of, or are legally authorized to act on behalf of the owner of, each Property; (iii) you are the technical and editorial decision maker in relation to each Property on which the Services are implemented and you have control over the way in which the Services are implemented on each Property…”
Based on this document, either:
(1) Sidney Zosa owns the AdSense Account, or
(2) he legally authorized somebody else to administer his AdSense for him.

A little logic

If Zosa owns the AdSense account, then he must also be the editorial decision maker of Change Scamming, as those AdSense Terms and Conditions applies to all properties (websites) in which Google Ads are served (i.e. Change Scamming). That is, if Zosa admits to owning the AdSense account, then he’s the guy behind Change Scamming, the exact guy you’re looking for.

Now, if he legally authorized somebody else to administer his AdSense, then he must tell you who it is if he doesn’t want to be implicated in this scandal.

Now, suppose he gives you another name, then that other person would be the owner of Google AdSense Publisher ID ca-pub-1068157602481996 (pending verification with Google’s officers, of course).

Again, by virtue of the same Google AdSense Terms of Service, that "other person" would be the “technical and editorial decision maker in relation to” Change Scamming.

Ask Zosa about who he has closely worked with in the past, most especially in tech-related projects.

For example, the website featured a technological startup called Supra and the writeup reads [Archived]:

Supra is a learning app for law students in the Phillipines, currently covering 38 volumes of the Civil Law Bar. It brings neat aesthetics and great navigation to create an amazing learning experience that is the first of its kind. 
Founders: Sidney Zosa and Mars Veloso 
Launched: 2014
Made in: Tacloban, Phillipines (sic)

Is the owner of the Google AdSense account behind Change Scamming Sidney Zosa, Mars Veloso, or somebody else?

With that said, I highly recommend that you guys contact Zosa and ask him a few questions.

Available evidence currently points to him, but please accord him due process.

You are not Rappler, after all. (ThinkingPinoy)


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